Fixed Resistors

Please specify: Type Number, Mounting Style, Ohmic Value, Tolerance, e.g. PE 130H 400R +/- 5%.


Adjustable Resistors

As above but also please add the letters ADJ e.g. PE 180H 350R +/- 10% ADJ.


If tags are to be suitable for Faston terminals

Please specify: e.g. PE40 200R +/- 5% FASTON TAGS.


Ferrule Ended Resistors

Please state whether live or dead ferrule and whether mounting clips are required.

e.g. PE 180F 450R +/- 5% Dead Ferrules, or PE 90LWF 27R +/- 5% Live Ferrules.


Corrugated Tape Wound Resistors

Please use the Prefix PT, e.g. PT 130H 2R5 +/- 10%.



Unless otherwise specified, resistors will be supplied with tags suitable for screw terminations.



Contacting HVR

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