HVR Pentagon Vitreous Enamelled Resistors are available in a range from 20 Watts to 500 Watts.


The Nickel-Chrome winding is completely protected by several coats of vitreous enamel, which have been fired to produce a high reliability resistor, capable of withstanding adverse conditions.


Resistors are supplied with terminal tags suitable for screws, or on some sizes, for 'Faston' terminals.


Terminal bands are spot welded in position on the heat resistant ceramic former, and the winding in turn spot welded to the terminal before the enamelling process. The terminal bands are therefore an integral part of the resistor, protected by the vitreous coating.


HVR Pentagon Vitreous Enamelled Resistors fall info the following categories:


Unmounted Vitreous Enamelled Resistors with standard tags.



Extra fixed tappings, with terminal bands protected by the vitreous coating, are available in the majority of sizes.

The maximum number of tappings depends upon the size of the resistor and the Ohmic Value.

We will be pleased to advise in specific cases.



Most wire-wound Vitreous Enamelled Resistors are available with an adjustable tapping clip, which can be moved along the former, making contact with an exposed track on the side of the resistor.



Mainly used for Dynamic Braking or where a pulse rated resistor is required.

For low Ohmic Values, resistors are edge-wound with corrugated tape, as shown in the illustration.

On this type of resistor, the power rating can be approximately 25% greater than that of the equivalent wire-wound resistor, due to the increased heat dissipation provided by the corrugated tape.

Tape-wound resistors can also be provided with adjustable tapping clip (Suffix ADJ).



Flexible wire leads, connected to ferrule ends, make this style of resistor suitable for mounting directly into special mounting clips.



This style of resistor is fitted with standard tags and with ferrules, which makes it suitable for fitting into special mounting clips (see opposite).



This arrangement is suitable for mounting resistors direct on to a panel of 6mm or less in thickness and consists of cupped washers in each end of the resistor with a tie-rod protruding.



Horizontal mounting brackets are fixed firmly in position by tie-rods and fixing nuts, avoiding the possibility of the resistor rotating about its axis.

Where space is at a premium, reverse horizontal feet can be supplied.



Horizontally mounted Vitreous Enamelled Resistors with reverse feet.



Similar to horizontal mounting but having a fixed bracket at one end which is suitable for mounting on to a panel.



Mounting Clips for Ferrule Ended Resistors

These clips are manufactured from Stainless Steel and comply with N.A.T.O. specifications. They are suitable for live or dead ferrule ended resistors.

N.A.T.O. Part No's

5905-99-011-9870 for PE20WF, PF30WF, PE40WF.

5905-99-011-9868 for PE60LWF and PE90LWF.

5905-99-011-9869 for PE45WF, PE60SWF, PE90SWF, PE130WF, PE180WF, PE220WF.

Push-In Mounting Brackets

Nickel plated phosphor bronze brackets, which are a spring fit in the ends of the resistor tubular formers provide an inexpensive method of mounting.

They are available for PE 30, PE 40, PE 60L and PE 90L, but should not be used where rotation of the resistor in the clip is undesirable.



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