The following flow chart illustrates the process of selecting the most appropriate resistor for your application:






Choose between Vitreous Enamelled and Open Wire Wound. A Vitreous Enamel Coating will produce a highly reliable resistor, capable of withstanding adverse conditions.



Type PE - Unmounted Resistor with standard tags.

Type PE (Tapped) - Extra fixed tappings, with terminal bands protected by the Vitreous Coating.

Type PE (Adj) - Vitreous Enamelled Resistor with an adjustable tapping clip.



Type V - Vertical Mounting.

Type H - Horizontal Mounting.

Type TB - Through-bolt mounting.

Type F - Standard Tags, Dead Ferrule Ends.

Type WF - Flexible Wire Leads, Live Ferrule Ends.

Type HR - Horizontal (Reverse Foot) Mounting.


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